5 easy tips to Improve the SEO of a blog & Traffic

A blogger needs to know at least the basics of SEO. For this, you don't need to be an SEO expert but you need to know the minimum so that your posts are well indexed in the search engines.

The phrase "Content is King" is one of the widest spread Internet memes being used by so many bloggers with the idea that you should focus on having quality content, while the rest isn't that important. This is not true. Quality content is essential, but bloggers shouldn't focus only on this matter. Besides producing quality content, your text needs to be optimized for the search engines.

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Boost traffic & increase SERP visibility with SEO

Follow the 5 Easy Ways tips to Improve the SEO

Now, let's get to know the basics that any blogger needs to learn about SEO, as well as other simple SEO techniques. Below are 5 easy tips to improve the SEO of your blog:

1. Define the keyword

When you write a post, it is recommended to choose the right SEO keyword for your text. Your purpose is to make this keyword - or term - to be searched on Google, and then get your post among the top. For this, you need to use this keyword a few times in the text.

For example, here the keyword could be SEO, but this term is too common and I could hardly get in the top for this search. Then, I'll work with a phrase or a long tail keyword, so that this post will rank for the term "easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog". I will use this keyword a few times, but without overdoing it.

2. Use the keyword in the post title

Now that I have defined the keyword, I will use it in the post title. This step is very important, and certainly will help you to get a better SEO rank. For instance, the post title contains the easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog keyword, along with other words to form an attractive and optimized title for SEO.

3. Use the keyword in H2 tags

You must also use heading tags (h2, h3) in your posts. Here, we added the "easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog" keyword in a H2 heading. Do this always as it will help you rank well in the search results. If you don't know or don't understand what are the heading tags, I would suggest to do a further research on this topic.

4. Use the keyword in the text

Include the chosen keywords throughout the text. Especially in the first paragraph (please note that I have repeated the title in italics in the first sentence). But be careful when doing this, there is a maximum and minimum limit for that. A good keyword density is between 1.5% to 4.5% for best results. Less than that will have no effect and more can alert the search engines and your text might be considered spam.

5. Publish Posts with 300 words or more

Posts under 300 words have little chance to be among the top results in search engines. Of course, you will be able to rank for multiple keywords that are less popular with less than 300 words, but for the most competitive keywords that have the potential to bring a greater number of visits, it will be nearly impossible.

Thus, it is recommended to write posts with more than 300 words. It's not hard when you really understand the topic you're talking about.


As you can see, with some simple SEO techniques you can improve the traffic coming to your blog from the search engines. I hope you enjoyed these 5 easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog!

Tips 3 qualities successful blogger

qualities of a bloggerThe qualities of a blogger should be attended at all times in order to become someone popular on the internet. A blogger should have plenty of ideas for creative writing, along with a truckload of motivation. The results sought will not come overnight and there's no guarantee that this will be easy.

These are the two things that you need in order to fulfill your dream of running a successful blog: a lot of exclusive content and readers' loyalty. In each case, time is required to develop the success. This is a process and not a short-term event.

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Top Qualities To Become a Successful Blogger

Here are three qualities of a blogger who as a site administrator will need to have, if your goal is to manage a successful blog.


A successful blog is a product of time and effort and for this, you will need patience. As I said before, the results will not appear quickly overnight, so it is important to realize this from the start. If you are constantly trying to develop new and creative ideas for writing on your blog and, at the same time, you are worried whether you will see any results, this will only make things more difficult.

The building of a successful business online is a "long term" effort and you must decide if you accept this challenge or not. This is one the most important qualities of a blogger.


Much of the traffic of any successful blog results from its unique content, as well as its credibility. In fact, the quality of what's in the site, will have a direct impact on what will become viral visitors that are coming to your platform. If you will provide quality content, people will talk about your blog, and once they do it, others may come to see what you have. It depends on you to publish useful and accurate information and your readers will do the rest.


Maintaining a steady stream of creative writing ideas is vital to be able to constantly update the blog. The frequency of publication to a proper schedule is related to the amount of time you have available and your level of motivation. However, it is recommended to establish a sort of consistency, so that people can schedule their own visits accordingly. Just remember that the more often you write, the more people will visit, so their loyalty will grow faster and their referrals will be extended.

To become a popular blogger, it is important to have a healthy source of creative writing ideas, along with a lot of patience and motivation. Ultimately, it will be up to you, as a site administrator, to provide the three qualities of a blogger that we discussed above, who is searching tirelessly his goal of having a successful blog. In the end, your own motivation and patience will be the glue with which all the elements will be put together so that your dream will come true.

Tips Google Analytics - How to Add in blogger platform

Google Analytics is a platform created with the purpose of helping us to track the number of visits and page views on our blog, which also uses several filters to check exactly from where the visitors are coming via standard or custom reports.
tips google analytics

Google Analytics is the leading free tool that has a good relationship with the internet marketing and offers suggestions and improvements or benefits for our website.

As Analytics is part of the variety of Google tools like Blogger, many bloggers still don't know if it is possible to add the tracking code in Blogger. Implementing analytics in Blogger is very quick and easy, so you don't need to be experts or web developers. Here's a small guide for placing the Google Analytics tracking ID on our blog:

google analytics tips

Implementing Google Analytics on Blogger

1. Do you have a Google Analytics account? Then it's perfect. If you don't have one, please Register.

2. Within the account, we'll go to Admin and in the Property column, click the menu, then click  

Create new property, where we enter the information from the website.

create new property in google analytics

3. Click on "Get Tracking ID" and it will provide a box with a code, select and copy the code (CTRL + C).

get google analytics tracking id

4. Now let's go to our Blogger account.

5. Look for your blog and click on it, then go to Template > click the Edit HTML button and paste the code previously generated in Analytics before the </head> tag (CTRL + F in order to find it).

And this would be the entire procedure. Within about 24 hours, we shall see the first statistics of our blog in Google Analytics, otherwise check the following:

- Double check that the code has no spaces or characters.

- Doesn't have errors in the configuration

- There are no poor implementation of the filters.

- The Flash plugin is working or javascript is enabled.

- You will have minor issues if you are receiving visits from China (this conflict is not yet solved, according to Google). Good luck.

How Check Your Google Page Rank - PageRank Checker

pagerank, check page rankPageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. Page Rank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google as a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

What is Google PageRank and Why Is It Important

According to Google:
"PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites."

Briefly, the Page Rank is an assessment of the importance of a web page. This relevance is calculated and published on a scale from 0 to 10. Google basically takes into account the number of backlinks that each page receives, however, the number doesn't matter that much if we don't build high quality backlinks from sites which are related to our links, preferably internal links.

A greater importance has the quantity of internal links linked by other websites, which happens when you create a post and someone publishes the link that redirects to this post that you created. So, the more backlinks your blog or site has, the higher is the chance of having a good PageRank.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Page Rank is, how about checking yours?

Check Google Page Rank using the PageRank Checker

You can easily calculate your page rank and check the importance of your page. Just enter the address of your website / blog below and check it out:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:
This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service
Do you want to share your page rank with your visitors? You can add a button to your blog by visiting the PageRank Buttons page.

How Adding Meta Description for blog

meta description, meta tagAn important part of a good SEO is the implementation of meta tags, which are commonly located in the header of our website, that are being, in the same time, invisible to users visiting the site. Well, to be more succinct, these tags have only one purpose: to include information about the page such as author name, date, keywords, description, title, among others.

However, here we will only mention one, which is the meta description in Blogger. This description will appear as a fragment in the search results and as a description when sharing on Google+, Facebook and other social networks. A clear and precise description increases the chances of getting more clicks or visits.
As we will work only on the Blogger platform, here I will leave a little guide to easily add a meta description.

Meta Description in Blogger

The first thing we will do is going to our Blogger dashboard and from there, go to Settings > Search preferences > Meta Tags > Description and click on Edit.

meta description

Then check the box "Yes" to enable search description. Finally, click the "Save Changes" button.

Adding Meta Description To individual Posts

Now we will focus on adding the meta description to individual pages. Simply edit the page or post, look for the Search Description setting, and there we enter the text and save by clicking the Done button.

And that's it.
However it is best to test if it works and we will do so with the MetaChecker online tool, where we only have to introduce the url of a post or page, click Analyze and then it will show the results, including a complete analysis of keywords, on-page seo , meta tags, URLs, current server status and a rating bar that goes from Horror to Excellent.

If none of the meta descriptions appear (rarely fails), we can do the process manually, but it requires us to touch a bit of code. In this case, go to Template > Edit HTML and insert before <b:skin><![CDATA[ the following code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
  <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
Of course, we will use again the previously mentioned tool to ensure that the description is placed correctly and if all goes well, our blog would be ready to face a good SEO.



But before we learn the science of SEO should know first what is SEO? so it will be good to learn it. OK just here I will describe about understanding SEO and definition.

What exactly is SEO? The word is derived from the SEO Search Engine Optimization or other term search engine optimization. Mean SEO is the steps that are performed in a systematic and gradual aims to improve or get visitors from search engines or search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN) to address specific sites based on keywords that are searched by utilizing the mechanism of work or the search engine algorithms.

SEO aims to put a site in the top position on a search engine based on specific keywords. Thus when a site or blog is the top position in the search results then had a great chance for arriving visitors. The reason is indeed very logical, why?

Because of my own if looking for something in the search engine is definitely not over the top 3 pages of search results that I open.

SEO is easy to do but it's also difficult to apply, that is to say the steps in SEO is easy to do but hard pressed to implement. That's why we need to first understand the notions and procedures in applying SEO for your site or blog that we have. I myself was originally also less interested in SEO itself, but after some time I saw postings on the other blog about how a blog is in the top of the search results of search engines.In such postings often touted SEO, starting from where I started little by little learn SEO. 

Although till now I also do not understand in detail what SEO is it and how its application in detail.
But from the little I know SEO was divided into two On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. 
While the techniques in performing SEO include:

Black Hat SEO: techniques used to do SEO with a cunning way of doing that is to Link Farming, Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking Page doorway page, Invisible Text, Iteration Title.

White Hat SEO: techniques used to do SEO the right way and positively recommended by search engines. 

Gray Hat SEO: a technique that is a combination of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. 
Example: Cloaking, buying links, duplicate content.

From the above definition of SEO then be known what their function and purpose:

  • Raise the page rank of a website so that it is alwaysto indexon a search engine so that it can be shown the main page.

  • Bring in the traffic/visitors to the website through a search engine.

  • Help increase sales target pencapain through web recommendations.

  • Minimize the cost of online marketing.


The Goal Of SEO

Talking about the purpose of SEO, you already know its purpose if you already read the understanding of SEO itself. that is, aimed at flooding the visits to the blog/web because tops/top search engines. logically, search engine users will choose the closest results (first page), they rarely move on to see the results on the next page.

The Benefits Of SEO

By way of a good SEO optimization, web/blog you will occupy the first rank of google.
If you're an Internet Marketing business, you are very likely succeed.
When visitors coming to a web/blog has been, indirectly will have an effect on the potential earnings from the web/blog.

The Basic Function Of Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The function of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool-Google Adwords Keyword Tool or a tool to track the keywords that are associated with Google Adwords.

Online tool that I think it is indeed fairly or even very powerful, and very easy to use for the players of the old SEO or even the new people want to learn SEO.

However, to be able to continue your article about the function of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool surely you must know what is Google Adwords ? Google Adwords or understanding in advance. And afterwards will easily absorb anything about the functionality of this Tool.

If seen from the name alone, you probably can guess what the function of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool? well, his name is also the Keyword Tool so yes Tool that functions to research Keyword.

However, the definition of Research these Keywords, the broad meaning of which include:

Provides A List Of Keyword

Google Adwords Keywords Tool provides a keyword search of the most frequent types of people in the search engine box.

That's where. This could you use or take advantage of in order to maximize advertising on Google Adwords, so that you (the advertiser) can figure out what keywords will be targeted. So the product you offer or sell right on target prospective buyers.

Specifies The Long Tail Keywords

Unlike the Functions provides a list of Keywords, which I mentioned above, which consists of only one word.

More on Long Tail Keywords provide a long Keyword.

Its function is, of course, to facilitate and assist you in administering the very Title SEO (because it consists of a collection of the most-searched keyword).

Provide Monthly Search Volume Information

So, with the Google Adwords Keywords Tool you can find out for how many number of typing a keyword that occurs in the search engine google for 1 month.

Its function is to find Keyword immortal (search results are always up or fixed) or could also do Website Optimization SEO in order to have the keyword potential in bringing a high traffic volume per month.

Choosing A Domain Name

For those of you who haven't and will probably buy the domain name, but confused as to want to give a proper name.

This is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool will provide assistance to you to choose the most appropriate domain names and SEO Friendly, of course.

Maybe it's a function of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool that I can write to you. In fact there are many more Functions of this Google-made Tools, but the fourth Function above I think the most important thing for you to know.

Or if you want to directly try this powerful Tool can simply visit the official website on Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

And I always look forward to, postings or articles can be beneficial for all of us. 

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