"10 Best Online Marketing Strategy" in Business Marketing

Business marketing over the internet is one strategy for expanding the reach of the business market. Previously I have written about "Marketing strategy with internet marketing" here. Through online marketing, product information can reach consumers who are far away without having to plunge directly into the area to promote the product. With this phenomenon, of course everyone would know that this strategy is more effective and efficient as it makes the attempt seemed to be open for 24 hours non-stop and can be accessed from all over the world.  


The best 10 Recomended tips online marketing strategy :


1. Easy to remember Domains and different

Create a domain or the name of a product that is different and catchy is very important when creating online marketing plan. You must put yourself as a potential customer. So on when customers type keywords in Google, Yahoo Search, they can easily find your products. Therefore, think well before you decide on a domain name and products. Make the domain or the name of a product that is different and memorable.


2. Introduction Page

Many of you may think that this page is not important, but at the moment the plan online marketing it is very important. Because your business through this page will be known by the customer, build confidence in customers of clarity and transparency. This is just a business to advertise your marketing plan. In addition to related information how to contact you by email, phone, and fax, the use of links to social sites like Facebook, Twitter can also create a dialogue with Your customers quickly and directly.


3. Email list

Make a list of the email client that ever visits your site. This is a great way in online marketing plan to market their products and services in the future. However, you also need to be committed to the customers that it will not use that email to other destinations


4. Link to social sites

Current users of social networking sites have become so familiar with online marketing. We recommend You to use icon of Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed on the page or the product. So that customers can pass it on to their friends quickly to increase production capacity of the product to the customer. In addition, you should also have a link to an article or site related products or services similar to yours. So that your customers have more information when deciding to purchase a product.
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5. The search function

You must have a search function on the site. This is one of the apparently important in online marketing so that customers can find the products needed quickly in the opening of your site. Products/services also need to be arranged by categories/topics for optimizing searches more specific by the customer. Because by reducing the search time customers can increase the marketability of your product.


6. Create a mobile version for your site

It allows customers to select products or contact you whenever they want. Currently many people are already using smartphones in the works, so this is one way to optimize your website. In addition, it is also a way in optimizing your ability to meet customer needs.


7. Online business marketing with video

The use of video in online marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy. Many studies show that after watching a video demo of the product, the customer will click on a link to websites or immediately contact Your Sales Office. Each video lasts less than 4 minutes. However, the information displayed is complete enough about that product, such as features, usage, warranty, delivery, contact information, web sites, etc. 

After knowing the product through video is done there will be a lot of ways so that the video gets to the customer. You can take advantage of Facebook and Youtube. Through a Facebook product marketing can be divided into a lot of people, including your friends who will automatically become potential customers. You can also use the link to Youtube to introduce a product item, because customers would be very interested in the product information.


8. increase promotional activities on the site

Added free product on the "Confirm Order" so you can sell more products so that customers are satisfied. You can also give a discount to customers if they buy other products. Because thus customers will find it very useful if you bought a lot of stuff. Package of product sales can he customers pay a lower price when buying the product as a whole.


9. Make money from website

If you have a lot of access to customers after doing online marketing, you will be the easier it is to earn money from a website. 

Here are some ways to earn extra money from your website: 

a) Joined and for results: you can negotiate to divide profits at a time when customers access to there, such as Facebook, Amazon and Youtube.

b) Counseling online: you can use Webcast, similar to counseling programs on television. You give lectures on a topic via webcam and the customer will have to pay if it participates in the training of. 

c) Affiliate product ads: you'll connect with manufacturers to market their products online through the web and ad revenue. This way the most important and profitable for you.


10. Record problems

People often say that "no one can make a 100% satisfied customer" is very true. Even large companies with the best products and services as well as a good online marketing strategy though still can not meet our satisfaction of some people. They will criticize your product. But the most important is how you respond to it. You have to face the problem calmly, understand thoroughly, and respond professionally. In order to make customers satisfied and Your credibility.

Hopefully you can build the best online marketing strategies in developing your business after reading 10 tips. Good luck.

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