3 main elements in the SEO of a Website

3 main elements in the SEO of a Website
Actually to get a good ranking in the search engines (especially Google) is not something that is very difficult when we know how to optimize a Web page. Material about SEO much we find on the internet, be it in the form or in the form of eBooks articles website. Of the many articles that discuss about SEO, I would like to summarize what I understand and I have to do to optimize your website.

There are three main elements in the SEO website we should know and do if you want to optimize a website in the search engines. The third element is that among other things; Research Keywords, SEO Friendly Website (On-Page Factor), and Baclinks (Off Page Factor). By knowing the important element in SEO, we'll it's easier doing website optimization on search engines for the long haul.

Let us discuss these three main elements in the SEO:

1. Keywords (Keywords) Website

Keywords are words or phrases as you type set of a person in the search field when they search for information on search engines, such as Google. Keyword that can search engine users type in one word, two syllables, three syllables, or even could be in the form of short sentences, depending on each user. In one niche, there are some keywords that are often used by users of Google's search engine. Well the website owner needs to do some research to find the keywords list keywords.
Keywords research is a move made by the owner of the website in search and specify keywords  that are most relevant to your niche website that will be built, whether it's the keywords to the main page or to the article page. By doing research on keywords we can find out what keywords are much sought after by the users of Google, and how the level of competition on that keyword.

When our website is using the right keywords then the chances to get a good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will be the better, and certainly it will give enormous potential traffic. Using the right keywords means keywords is the most relevant keywords for your business website, many users use Google, and the level of competition can still be won.

There are many ways that can be done in selecting the right keywords for your website. One of the best ways to find those keywords is to use free tools from Google, that Google's Keyword Planner. In this article I do not discuss how to choose the right keywords, article for the topic I posted in another article.

Essentially, research keywords is a very crucial initial steps in building a website that is SEO friendly. In my opinion, this element has a portion of 40% in an SEO campaign. Choosing the right keywords will make the process of website optimization and gain a potential traffic from the search engines will be more easy.

2. Building a Web SEO Friendly (On Page Factor)

What's a web that SEO friendly? What is meant by SEO friendly website is a website built with certain standards so that the website is easy to navigate and are identified by the search engines. In addition, it must also provide benefits to the user and easy to use/navigate. There are actually many things found on the On Page Factors a website. But based on my experience, only a few are very influential on the strength of On Page SEO, including:

A. Placement Of Keywords

If you want to optimize a Web page for a particular keyword, then make sure the keywords are listed in your pages so that the Google better understand what the focus of Your website page.  
Some of the sections in your website that need to be added to the keywords are:

  • Title tags/web page title
  • Meta Description
  • The initial paragraph of the article
  • Semantic URLs
  • Navigation System
  • H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Internal links
  • Image file (Alt)

B. Build Content Quality and relevant reply

If we notice, most of the websites that have a lot of content and quality definitely dominate the SERP of Google. Therefore, make sure your content is of high quality and relevant to the topics discussed. In addition, consider also to make the content detail, usually the content detail and length more easily enter the Google homepage and tend to last longer in Google SERP. If you want to optimize the content for a particular keyword, make sure those keywords embedded within 100-150 Word initial paragraphs of articles created.

C. Improving The User Interaction To Your Website

User interaction on your website/blog turns effect on SEO. This user interaction will create a bounce rate (bounce rate) in a website will be getting smaller. To reduce the bounce rate we can add multimedia into posting articles on the blog, such as adding attractive image, add video, or diagram, so that our content will be more attractive and make the user happy to linger. In addition, give the opportunity to your audience to give opinions or comments by adding column comments on articles in your blog.

D. Add Outbound Links

Provides links to pages on other websites that are relevant to your blog content can also affect SEO. To add outbound links, this will provide a signal on Google what became the focus of topics in your content. However, you must ensure that the Web site given links are websites that have Authority on the topic you discuss.

E. Website Load Speed

Google party never mention that the speed of load a website is one very important factor in SEO. The website that his slow loading process is normally closed by a user who can't wait wait, so was later influential in the search results on Google. Please check the loading speed of your website by using GTMetrix.com.

3. Build Backlinks (Off Page Factor)

To put it simply it's backlinks are links or links from a Web page leading to other websites, in other words a website give recommendations to their user to visit another website. Goal to build backlinks is to increase the popularity of a Web page on the internet, so the website a chance to get a better position of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of Google.

There are countless websites that we can take advantage of to build backlinks. Based on my experience, there are several types of highly effective backlinks for SEO campaign websites, such as:

A. Links from social media

Social media that I usually use to build backlink is Google + Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Links from social media are usually nofollow, but will increase the popularity of a Web page.

B. Links From Authority Websites

Links is a little hard to obtained because usually the website owner authority will be very critical in a useful article that was made a guest author and links that come out from his website. To get backlinks from famous sites, we should send the article does really nice and also complies with the niche website. Exertion you would be paid off if it managed to get a few links from the website is famous for its effect for your website will be very good.

C. High Quality Blog Network

Blog network has certainly been one of the ' secret ' of the African-American activist SEO, especially the internet marketer. Usually blog network was deliberately built to provide links to the main website. Blog network uses the domain age and already have the authority so that all content will be posted in the blog network will be easily indexed by search engines, which in the end will provide a very good impact for the main website. Tips, make sure that the content on the blog network that you wake up is relevant to your niche your main website.

D. Links from Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking that I often use is Diigo.com, Stumbleupon.com, Folkd.com, etc. Links from social bookmarking is the no follow and do follow there also. Optimization using social bookmarking sites are usually very effective for local website, but need to be careful because too many links from social bookmarking sites and within short time, could be bad.

E. Links from Forum Signature
Most of the links from the site's forum is do follow. More yummy anymore, other than putting up links in signature, we could also put up links in the articles we post on the forum, this effect is better for SEO. But make sure you don't do SPAM yes because most of the sites are very strict forum rules.

F. Links of Web 2.0 properties

Some web 2.0 that I often use is Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, Edublogs.org, Bravenet.com, Blog, com, etc. Links from the web 2.0 is largely is do follow. Specifically for Blogger and Tumblr I usually utilize the blog was old and already has a Page Rank (PR) as a source of backlinks. The blog has been abandoned by its owner and can be registered by a new user, among bloggers often called Zombie Blog.

After reading this article, hopefully you can get the key points that must be done in an SEO campaign website so your website will be fully optimized well on search engines. May be useful.

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