7 trends in online marketing strategies in 2017

In the past SEO and Content Marketing online marketing strategy are the two which are considered not relevant. However, SEO and Content Marketing is evolving very fast. Google prefers websites with quality content and are able to provide useful information for the visitors.

SEO strategy or SEO technique that contains the keyword is excessive on one page also started left by the marketer. They are now the focus of the search for organic visitor through quality content. So it's no wonder the Content Marketing online marketing strategy has become the most developed for now.

If you do not follow the trend of emerging online marketing then Your competitors will be superior. Therefore refer to the 7 trends in online marketing strategies that must be known by the marketer:

1. Content Marketing in different ways

Many marketers say that Content Marketing can work effectively if done correctly. However some brands seem to be stuck with content is always the same from time to time. Content Marketing will continue to evolve and inevitably you must follow and study it. You have to change the way you work, at least give it different on the content you view.

Based on twitters belongs to Stephanie Losee, content manager Visa says if you want to describe a product, then don't write down details but tell me testimonials from your consumers. Based on what S, then we recommend that you change Your Content Marketing methods in different ways.
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2. keep good relationship with Media companies

There are so many media companies vying the viral content creates a natural marketing activities to impress. You might think that behind it all is the result of hard work the content of professional marketers. When in fact it isn't necessarily like that.

Online marketing strategy done by you, although naturally may be, the result will not be the same as those carried out by the corporate media. Unfortunately there are still many of the marketers who focus on achieving organic through the pages of the website only. That is why there are no good relationships between marketers and media companies.


3. Prepare to face the emergence of a new Marketing Platform

Do not close the possibility, all the things around you can serve as a media marketing. It is even delivered by Rebecca Lieb, a digital analyst, "Content is going beyond the screen to the air we breathe". Lieb estimates that by 2020 it later everything will use computer system. Then it could have been the emergence of smart and smart refrigerator vacuum cleaner became a new marketing platform.

It will certainly be a boon for the company's business because it can add relevant information and needed by consumers. But that does not mean you have to force myself to make relevant content between business and smart refrigerator, but how do you bring together the customer experience across all platforms marketing.


4. Utilize the Buzzword to create a Viral Effect

Buzzword is an issue or topic that is being discussed by the public warm to. In terms of online marketing strategies, buzzword can give a positive or negative effect for your business. For example IE know round the course so popular. This encourages Own Games, game studio to make an Android game titled Know round. The results turned out unpredictably, game Know Round defeated Clash of Clans who have always occupied the first position.


5. Consumers Apparently preferred the Visual Content

Consumers do not have enough time to read a long writing. They are more like the content with more pictures. Any social media even more display pictures and rarely also found a blog with articles without images. The fact any mention that the human brain is 60 thousand times faster in processing the visual display.

Therefore, you should change the online marketing strategy by way of presenting visual content. Some people say that every 300 words writing should be accompanied by a picture. But also note the relevance between the pictures and writings.


6. Create Content That was attributed

Connected content will generate curiosity and curiosities that are more for the readers. When compared to the usual content, then the content will also be used to provide long term effects against memory consumers.

An article written by SEMrush probably will help you in determining the appropriate timing for each episode content that you will create. If done correctly then the consumers will be intrigued with the continuation of such content, or even culminate in search of information regarding your business.


7. Social Media as Media distribution Online marketing

Reported by Design hill, from the Social Media Marketing is becoming a popular marketing trend in the small businessman. One of the ways that they do is to distribute content that draws through social media. You need to know, Facebook has had 1.4 billion users and twitter have 302 million users around the world. Therefore you need to consider social media as media distribution of effective online marketing.

Well, that's the 7 trends in online marketing strategies that will probably continue to grow. As a marketer, then you must be up to date with the trends in online marketing. But if you have trouble creating an effective online marketing strategy, you can use the online marketing services provided by freelancers.

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