A Simple Way To Manage Your Website/Blog

A Simple Way To Manage Your Website/Blog
Perhaps you are currently asking why your website is getting increasingly day does not improve, even dropped from the serp. This may be one of the big questions for you today. Errors in managing the website is indeed not much to realize this.  

Here I will give you a little bit about tips on managing websites would be able to continue to be on the search page for the main crop & in search page. This is not an easy job, because we know that our competitors might just as well do that of course we don't know about. For one thing it's necessary we do is improve or redraw properly,so that the website can be kept on the search page without there should be decreased. Here are some tips on managing your website all you have to do in order to be able to continue to the search page of the website.

One of the first things that we often forget about our website posting is about, it's an easy job, but not a lot of individuals want to do a post with an appropriate agent. A lot of wrong in this case, you need to know also that want to however google or other search engines, is very pleased with the website continues to provide the latest information, it means that if your website is currently not often do an update would certainly be easy to move with your competitors.

To do a post there is no argument for every day, but at least in one week at minimum there must be a new one or maybe 3 times in one month this post will give a positive impact to your website. Remember ...!!! the search engine will continue to evolve to find websites that always provide the latest information.


Managing websites is not easy, but if your website is getting increasingly heavy day certainly will not be good, for it periodically checks your website through online tools such as gt metrix. With your care on the speed of your site, it will be increasingly difficult to beat Your competitors, score to the speed of the site if you use gt metrix must be above 80%.  

Why should check the speed of the site? You need to know, too, the search engines will assess current site of access speed & this rather than to provide a better user experience, it means that if your site is slow to be granted an exception, if the faster competitors &, then you have to accept the result. It was the second points on how to manage your website.


Broken links is also one of the causes of the problem of why your website can go down from the search results, the more broken links that you receive then Your website is going to get worse in the eyes of the search engines. Unconsciously indeed broken link be one subject which is often ignored by the website owner that its impact is not very good. To immediately fix your site right now, fix all the broken links that cause the permalink. This is the next step to manage your website so that it is not easy to slide with a competitor.


If talking about bounce rate it was not easy, because we do not know how a visitor can linger in the our website or blog and open up another page, but by providing a better experience like the latest content with the old content or provide a link to the related post and widget will give users a referral in order to open another page. Bounce rate also be problems if we let it. For that try to reduce the bounce rate so that the website can be kept in the serp. If you do not understand about the bounce rate can read what is bounce rate?


That's some important points that I often do to manage the website. Do not continuously focused on link building to maintain the position of your website, but focus on our own website, only then do things from the outside. Link building is not always give a positive thing for the site, search the link is good and natural, this will be better than You spamming the websites.

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