the basic meaning of MARKETING and PROMOTION

What is the basic meaning of MARKETING and PROMOTION ?
The most visible distinguishing feature of that between promotion and marketing is in the process of its activities. In the process of marketing there is a science and art in creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of the intended market (target market) to obtain profit/profit. In marketing to figure out all the needs and wants of the market that have not been fulfilled.  

With marketing known market segments that need to be serviced. In this process the products, goods or services is still no/intangible, because is in this stage in the process of formation of early about what products will be marketed. More marketing emphasis on idealism, how to make customers/customer be satisfied.

In the process of promotion more emphasis to how to communicate a product to customers/customer to establish a positive image in the eyes of the customer. In the process of promotion, the products will be promoted, so the customer can determine the classification of the products promoted.

Understanding Promotion

Promotion is an effort to inform or offer products or services on attracting prospective consumers to purchase or consumption. With the promotion of manufacturers or the distributor expects that's sales figures.

Promotional activities conducted serves to disseminate information and get the attention (attention)), create and nurture the desire (desire), as well as develop the desire of consumers to buy products that are offered. A number of promotional strategy tried to build primary demand. While most of the promotional strategy seeks to stimulate selective demand, namely the desire to get a particular brand.


Promotional purposes

Promotional purposes resulted in the desire of consumers to buy the product or service being produced. Therefore, they must try timeless, which affects thinking the end consumer to convince buyers. Whereas the promotion should be good and interesting, so give the impression that the buyer is not willed the other products aside from the stuff that is offered to the costumers.

Promotional purposes of which are:

  • Disseminate information products to target a potential market

  • To get the increase in sales and profit/earnings

  • To get new customers and maintain customer loyalty

  • To maintain the stability of the sale when the market is sluggish

  • Distinguish and favor products than any competing product

  • Shaping the image of the product in the eyes of consumers as desired.

  • Change the behaviour and opinions of consumers.

How the Ways of promotion

We know that the promotion was very affecting efforts to be more developed. With the promotion of good business then we will further develop optimally. Without business promotion we will be deserted and eventually even roll the mat. Of course there are a variety of ways to promote a product, and below there are several ways that you can do for promotion.

Several ways to do the promotion are:

  • Via e-mail

  • Via sms

  • Through talks

  • Through advertising

  • etc.

Sample promotions include:

  • Advertise on tv about the new products of company X

  • Send 5 sms, can 10 free sms to all operators

  • Buy socks for $5 can 2 free socks

  • Discount 50% for certain products in Department stores

  • Buy chocolate night glass of tea

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Understanding Marketing

Marketing is one of the activities in the economy that helps in creating economic value. The economic value of itself determine the prices of goods and services. An important factor in creating that value is the production, marketing and consumption. Marketing became the liaison between production and consumption. Many experts who have provided the definition of top marketing. Definitions often vary from one expert to another expert.  

This difference is caused due to the difference of the experts in this regard and review of marketing. In this marketing activity, the activity is a central Exchange. The Exchange is the marketing activities where someone tried to offer a number of goods or services with a value of to a variety of kinds of social groups to meet his needs. Marketing as a human activity directed to satisfy the wants and needs through a process of Exchange.

Market Types

Types of markets according to the shape of its activities. According to the shape of its activities are divided into two markets, namely the markets real or not real market(abstract). Then we see the following elucidation:

A. The Real Market.

The real market is a market where goods are traded and bought will be purchased by the buyer. Examples of traditional markets and supermarkets.

B. Market Abstract.

Abstract market is a market where the seller does not bargain for goods that will be sold and not bought directly but only by using the companionship only. The example of the online market, stock market, capital market and foreign exchange market.

Types of markets by way of this transaction. By way of this transaction, the type of market is differentiated into traditional markets and modern markets.

C. The Traditional Market

The traditional market is a market that is traditionally where the buyer and seller can hold bargaining by directly. Goods are goods that are bought and sold dollars in the form of staple goods.


D. Modern Market

Modern market is a market that is modern where dollars are traded goods with prices fit and with the own service. Place the width is at the Mall, plaza, and other modern places.

Type  the type of Markets according to the type of goods. Some markets only sell one type of certain items, for example animal markets, vegetable markets, the market of fruit, fish and meat markets and flea markets.

Type  the type of Markets according to the discretion of the distribution. According to lightness of being the distribution market of goods sold can be distinguished into:

  • The Local Market
  • Market Area
  • National markets and
  • The International Market

Marketing Concepts

The core concepts of marketing include: necessity, desire, demand, production, utility, value and satisfaction; exchanges, transactions and market relations, marketing and market. We can distinguish between needs, wishes and requests. The need is a situation he felt the absence of certain basic satisfaction. 

Desire is a strong wills will be specific to the needs of the satisfaction of needs more depth. While Demand is the desire of specific products will be supported with the ability and willingness to buy it.

Marketing Management

Basically everyone needs to know about marketing management, especially for those who jumped in the business world. How to market a product, how to do research so that products offered attractive to buyers. Companies engaged in the production and services not be apart from many activities, including marketing.

So it can be interpreted that the marketing management is as analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to create, build, and maintain a beneficial exchange with target markets with a view to achieving the objectives  objectives of the organization.

The Marketing Mix

Basically understanding marketing mix is not much different in the sense of marketing generally, as well as the sense of marketing. But the concept of the marketing mix, offer little difference with both understanding of marketing-marketing. Where to put forward more marketing mix theory intermingling (combined) of the theory of marketing or marketing in General, in the marketing of products (goods) and services.

Understanding marketing mix is to run the marketing activities carried out. This means that these activities are carried out jointly (joint) between elements of the marketing mix that exists in itself. Because in every element of the marketing concept, unable to walk independently, without being supported by other elements.


The marketing mix is a four component in marketing which consists of 4P i.e.

  • Product (product)
  • Price (price)
  • Place (place, including distribution)
  • Promotion (promotion)

Because marketing is not an exact science like finance, marketing mix theory is also growing. In the process, also known as 7P where the term 3P next: People (people), Physical Evidence, Process.

More marketing is viewed as art than a science, then an expert marketing depends on a lot more on policy considerations in making skills rather than specific science-oriented.

The view of the expert analysis of marketing is in creating the time, the place where the product is required or desired then submit the products to satisfy the needs and wishes of the consumer (marketing concepts).

Classic marketing methods such as 4P above apply also for internet marketing, although in internet marketing is done with a lot of other methods that are very difficult to implement outside of the world of the internet.

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