How to Optimize your Blog Content for SEO and your visitors

How to Optimize your Blog for SEO and your visitors
Blogging is an activity that is very important to increase the popularity of your business on the internet. For many businesses, blogging has provided tremendous advantages, even improve the business to a better level in your niche who is shot. Currently, the blogging activities that provide value to the user seems to have become much more important than sheer SEO importance because activity readers in your blog also have become an important part of SEO itself. So a blogger should know how to optimize blog for SEO and simultaneously from the side of the side of readers.

Actually blogging activity for SEO purposes is not a bad thing, in my opinion. But unfortunately many bloggers who only give priority to purely SEO purposes and do not pay attention to how the user in understanding the generated content. If you are one of those bloggers who do it, rest assured that you are currently wasting potential opportunities that benefit.

It would be better if we do blogging activities with attention to both these things, that is SEO and your audience. The following are some blogging activity that can give you an advantage in terms of SEO and your blog readers.

1. Brainstorming to choosing unique Topics

Readers usually like to share interesting and unique content to social media. Then how do we identify a topic of interest? Note several of the following ways to ensure that the topic you created is quite interesting and unique to others:

  • Ask other people through social media or through your blog.
  • Visit the forums and the website Q&A like Quora or Yahoo Answers to find out which topics are often discussed.
  • Make use of Twitter and Facebook to find topics that are frequently discussed, we can use the features in the social medical has tag.
  • Visit other blogs and pay attention to what topics are widely read and commented upon by readers.
  • Pay attention to the news websites and filter the news that actually fit with the interest or topic of your blog. 
  • Be the first to discuss the news and share on Your readers.

2. Find the right keywords

If you want to succeed in SEO and got a lot of readers, then choosing the right keywords is a must because it keywords have a very vital role in determining the content of your position in the search engines, and will always be so. More and more of the variations of keywords for one type of topic, then the potential traffic you will be growing.

We can use the facilities for free from Google Adwords to search for various keywords which are often typed in Google. Use variations of keywords on any content that you create, create an naturalness possible to avoid penalty of Google. When you are entering a topic that you think is interesting but its search number of not very much, keep on writing for that topic because surely there are others who have the same interest with you.

3. Make Sure the content

Every time you make a content write in with conviction, as if you had the authority and experts in that topic, but still with an earthy language. Create content that have the power and value to your audience. If the content You most look like selling something, chances are You'll leave the readers of your blog in an instant. Should your content contains valuable information, not only contains a link to a promotional product.

4. make sure your content readable and Understandable

Most readers do not like now with something that is long-winded and swirling. They prefer to read the key points of a content. Therefore, we recommend that we build content is made easier to read and understand, for example, by adding a subsection header to each of the important points that we want to convey.

5. Optimize Content for search engines

If you're optimizing content for the reader, the next step is optimizing the content for better SEO. This step can we start by entering a keyword in the title and adding keywords on the content, ranging from the first paragraph, the Middle, and the end of the paragraph.

Use keywords in your content with naturaly possible, do not use same keyword over and over again. It would be better if we use other keywords which are still associated with the main keyword which we choose. In addition, you can connect that content with other related content in your blog, i.e. by adding internal links.

6. Share your content on Social Media

We must harness social media to attract readers more, i.e. by sharing such content to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. When the content you provide value to your friends in social media, chances are they will also be happy to do a re-share such content. Don't forget to add social media buttons in each of your content to better facilitate your readers share the content in social media.

The above tips are the easiest way to help optimize your blog to your reader and of course will give you the benefit of SEO. Good luck.

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