How to Register and Submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engine

The blog or website is famous and can be indexed on all the search engines is the goal of the users of your blog or website. Who is not familiar with search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing. 3 search engine above that you should focus on to blog promotion.  

Do submit or register your blog/website to the search engine to get promotion in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). From the statistics, currently Google is the search engine most used people to search for keywords.

In this case I will not explain in detail how you to optimize, but I will explain on how to do promotion blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • How to list to Google

Arguably Google is the King of Search engines, I strongly encourage you to first register your blog on Google. For how to list him navigate to or click here. On the page of the registration form, fill in the address of your blog and give comments fit the theme your blogs

then click Add Url.



google search engine submit


  • How to sign up for Yahoo

To register your blog to Yahoo, the deal should already have a Yahoo account in advance. If you already have an account at Yahoo, please go to the page or simply click here. Then to fill out a form listing, note two field provided by Yahoo.

The first column you can enter the address of your Website or Blog, like this for example:
The second column you can enter the address of your sitemap, for example:
Then click Submit.



yahoo search engine submit


  • How to sign up for Bing

Bing Search Engine is quite passable a lot used as a search engine, so I suggest wherever you register also your blog to bing. Please go to the page or simply click here. Then on the page of the form, fill in the verification code and you are prompted to enter your blog address.



bing search engine submit


Please try, hopefully your blog immediately indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. These all from me and hopefully can be beneficial. Good Luck.

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