Marketing Activities That Will Make You Rich in 3 Simple Steps

The richness of the fastest you can get is the Marketing. Maybe you are confused why it can be, now that we are going to find out why it could happen. Whatever you are doing at this time make sure you make time for marketing, because of all the things you can market. And even 80% when you get marketing then you'll get rich quick, below are three marketing activities that you can apply in order to be rich quick:


MARKETING ACTIVITIES Number 1 Find more customers

The first thing we think about how to get more money is to get more customers to us. In fact, any type of marketing is done just for that, get more customers. There are many ways that you can do to get more customers, namely:
  • Implement follow up

Have found the fact that follow-up could increase sales up to 50%. That of course will increase the amount of customers you. Don't let a potential prospect you go. Continue to communicate with prospective customers.
  • Ask for references from customers

Any customers who are satisfied, it will tell you to at least 3 people have known about the business. Imagine how many customers you will accrue if asked for references from customers, and give them a gift or bonus if you self refer
  • Get free publicity

Find out how to order for business you can be preached freely in the media-the media business in order that you can be arrested by the prospect.

Marketing Activities, Rich in 3 Simple Steps,marketing

MARKETING ACTIVITIES Number 2 : Sell more to one customer

Don't be so much attracted many customers if indeed they cannot be satisfied with the service you provide. But interesting is one customer that you can serve as a loyal customer. But think, how you can sell a lot of customers to one person. There are a few things that you can do:

  • Raise the selling price of the product you

This is not always detrimental to customers. Along with raising the selling price of your product, praise also add value and quality to you.
  • Offer back end sell/up sell

Offer your customers on any other products that can complement the products that your customers have bought.

MARKETING ACTIVITIES Number 3 : Sell more often again

The fact is it's easier to sell to people who have known you. Maybe we are often too focused to keep looking for new customers so that we forget the old customers. Offer to its customers long you some of the following:

Multiply the amount of products you have. Especially the products never asked customers.
Keep established routine communication with customers. Don't forget to regularly remind them with new products.

That's few things how about marketing activity that you can use to attract a lot of money out of the field of marketing  and this is called also marketing strategy so as to make you rich, it's also the reason why marketing is the thing that makes you rich quick.

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