Before discussing how to implement marketing strategies with SEO, to equate the perception we discussed what used to be called with a marketing strategy. There are 3 elements on marketing strategy. The first is the segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

The core of the marketing strategy is positioning, but will not be without a preview map market (segmentation), then we took the decision to aim a target market (targeting). After a clear target market, then the next step is to position them selves in them ost advantageous position in the presence of a target market that is shot.

The position in question can be a physical position. This means that you are actually looking for the location of the "strategic" means that the most profitable. Also, this position could mean a place in the mind of the market.

If we could've won the mind of the market, then we can easily sell our product or service. In fact, when you already have a strategic location, without having any "position" in the mind of the market, then it could be that the market prefers your competitor that is located right next to you.

The Application Of Marketing Strategy Via SEO

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The first step to implement the marketing strategy via SEO certainly occupies a top position with in the search engines for the keywords used by your target market.

For this, you need to understand who your target market is clearly and what keywords they will use when searching for your product or service. Understand who your target market, the key word here, is the first step to the implementation of the strategy.

How to keep the top position? It uses the usual SEO techniques that are already covered in other articles..

The second step is how your writing either in title, description, and in the body of the web page You Position yourself that your website is the most appropriate for your target market.

Here is obvious, that SEO is not simply how to rank right website. As you go to the store, it is not enough just to occupy strategic locations. But, how to tell your target market that You are best suited to them.

Especially the title and description of your website. This will appear on the search page. Search engine users may see search results, then select it, and then open.

The question is, does your website which will be opened?

The first position on the first page does have the greatest opportunity to be opened. Nice if you mass occupying the position of the most strategic. But, if added with the words in the title and description that shows the positioning of you, then it could be the opportunity You opened will be very large.

The combination of position in a search engine positioning and aiming for the right market, mind will more Google users opening your website.

It Is Not Enough With A Strategy

Elements marketing there are basically 9, grouped in three groups, namely the strategies, tactics, and value. After you apply the strategy, if coupled with tactics will better results. The most important related to SEO is finding and selling.

You can indicate your uniqueness and sell with SEO.

The uniqueness of if can be should be able to appear in the title and described. When search engine users read the search results, then he would be interested if you see something that most appropriately made him unique. The uniqueness is very important when there are other competitors who the positioning same with us.

Then after they open our website, then the website function we could serve as a selling or selling your products or services. In fact, if it could, the function of selling should be able to appear in the title and description.

In addition to tactics, another element that we need to look at is the value. The first is the Brand. For a businessman, should already understand how important brand in the business. Companies pay big to build the brand. Well, don't waste Your SEO campaign without inserting the effort builds brand.

Brand can be "pasted" via name domains. It could be through the content of your website that is devoted to building a brand.


Marketing through SEO techniques can play a role to support your marketing overall. Ranging from marketing strategies by positioning, then distinguish them selves (a marketing ploy), and value by building a brand.

SEO is not only required for those who sell products or services online. The company that operates any offline can still utilize SEO in order to support its business.

Two keys to how to implement the strategies, tactics, and value through SEO is the first to occupy the best possible position in the search engines for the keywords used target market. Then the second design how to title, description to delivery the message content and positioning, distinguish yourself, sell, and build the brand.

If you do not enter the world of the internet today, then your competitors will do so. More advanced technology, the internet has become a part of human life. Still ignoring the online marketing for your business?

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