If we follow the progress from the first till now, you can see that the ever-changing marketing strategies in accordance with the times. If you are still using, nowadays with the concepts of marketing strategy 4-P, meaning you are outdated.

Our view of Place (one element of 4 p) has changed. The place still has a role, but is no longer as strong as it used to be, because with your internet presence can easily connect with anyone, anywhere, as long as it is connected to the internet. Marketing strategy instead of just 4 p.


Of course, what is meant here none rules the legislation, although there are certainly changes, but we are not talking of it. However, we're talking how the application of marketing tactics and strategies. This is going to change, have the new rules than ever before.

These changes, triggered by the speed of information and widespread community that is easy to access the information.

Marketing strategy in the information age

You can't be the only one. That is to say, the market will be increasingly easy to access information about your competitors. Now, you can't be the only person standing in front of the market. Them, easily select others.

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This means that your marketing strategy is not simply a matter of the place only. Positioning You should be getting stronger because, not just a place, but really need to position them selves in the mind and the heart of your market. The market will not be reluctant to buy into the distant places with a strong reason. They can just pass you despite your spot close to them.

In other words, you are the same, can reach out to distant markets. If you are able to provide a compelling reason, not just market nearby that you can reach, but also the market pretty far. Behind the threat, any of the information age provides an opportunity as well.

Marketing tactics in the information age

You can buy an ad in the print or electronic media to reach a large market. Of course, now that it can still be done and still be effective. However, if you ignore the power of the internet, then you can lose with Your rival, who not only did a great promotion in the mass media, but how do you capture the market then weaves a positive relationship with your potential market.

The promotion is still necessary, but not enough promotion. There are opportunities where you can catch the market so it could save the cost of promotion. However, this condition will be a serious threat if you do not do so, while rival you do so.

This is why I mention "rules" (figurative language of course), because if you don't follow it, you could be subject to penalty, that You left the market or promotional costs will swell.

Then I'm not surprised, if you see a lot of companies holding different brands of famous also plunge into the internet. Of course, only for those who understand the opportunities and threats for its business.

You can of course still retaining ways marketing strategies such as the last times, however in addition to the threat of competition the more weight you will lose a lot of opportunities.



Ease of access to information provide opportunities for small businesses. First, if you want to reach out to distant markets, requires effort and costs. How about now? You have the opportunity to reach out to the market, not just national market, even the international market can.

So, if all this time you are only struggling with the local market, now you have the opportunity to penetrate the global market. The key, you want to follow the rules that exist, namely ease of access information through internet.

Got a website?

Of course, building a website is the main door leading to the world of internet marketing. However to note is not just any website, but the website that has the ability in marketing. Not automatically, a website can be a marketing machine.

Already have a website? Then what? The website is merely a tool, there are people behind them, i.e. you. Successful whether a website will also be determined how you operate a website and integrate with marketing tactics and strategies that you do.


Not only you can be present on the internet. While the market is looking for your products on google or on facebook, whether your products or services that are found? Or it turns out someone else product or service? This is a challenge You in cyberspace. The rivalry persists.

Then, why should report to the internet if you still hard? Inevitably, if you want to have the opportunity, You must go to an arena match. If not, then You certainly will never win. Log onto the internet indeed come in will compete, but if not then you certainly lose market opportunities of the internet.

Then how to stay afloat in these new rules? You must follow these rules well and understand how to correctly apply the tactics and strategy of marketing these days.

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